So you want your house to be closer to earth? Well planned? With simple but beautiful interiors? Yes?

Then you are at a great place !!!

Your house would be your biggest dream, your biggest achievement and your favorite and comfortable place in the whole world.

This is where we play an important role.

Earthitecture : A young architecture firm, practicing on natural and creative house designing , innovating living space and believes in going closer to earth.

Designs from Earthitecture are based on very root concept of Panch Mahabhuta.

Now, What is this Panch Mahabhuta ?

As per Hindu philosophy Panch Mahabhuta are the five elements that created the universe and in turn created us and everything around us.

The Five Elements are…

Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Sky

We at Earthitecture, develop the designs by involving the Panch Mahabhuta to create any living space which closely connect to the Earth and created into something  that feels natural to live and work in.

We are exploring creative ways of sustainable designs, construction and low cost housing.

We are learning from every new experience, person and project.